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Game Accelerator Version 9.2.95

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Game Accelerator Version 9.2.95

Game Accelerator atau yang lebih enak di katakan Gaccel , Software ini di buat oleh DefendGate Inc. dan menurutku versi terbarunya adalah 9.2.95,

Berikut ini tempat DownLoad

Setelah anda install akan terlihat Pop-Up seperti ini :

Tak apa, memang ini software “Free” tingall di klik paling bawah saja.

Setelah itu ada Window yang keluar , Mmm.., ya tinggal di Setting menurut Spesifikasi “PC” Anda – anda semua ya,

Itu Spesifikasi Punyaku, Rada’ Jadul Kan….

Lalu klik “Save Settings” dan klik kanan “ICON” Oranye di “TaskBar” muncul seperti ini dan…. Anda tahu yang harus di lakukan !!!

Read Me dari Gaccel

Game Accelerator Readme

Game Accelerator is an all-in-one game optimization tool that
allows you to play your games at the best level of performance possible.

To provide the gaming experience available, Game Accelerator is an all-in-one game optimization tool that allows
you to run your games at the best possible performance by eliminating the performance and stability problems that
make your games run slower than they should. This is done through easy one-click menu options that allow you
to tailor your games to run faster based on your system hardware.
The combination of optimization techniques used by Game Accelerator help significiantly improve your gaming experience,
turning your computer into the ultimate gaming machine.
Furthermore, to make your overall computer experience even smoother,
an intelligent pop-up ad blocker is included to block those annoying spam pop-up and pop-under ads,
as well as an easy-to-use system monitor taskbar that allows you to keep track of your computer's health.

Features include:

Improve gaming performance and stability through special game optimizations
Tailor Game Accelerator to your computer hardware to make games run even faster for your system
Stylish system monitor taskbar that allows you to keep track of your computer's health.
Quick access to game optimization tools through the system tray icon
Integrated gaming web browser to deliver the best online experience and gaming news
Integrated game match-making tool for finding and joining your favorite multiplayer games
Integrated Laptop energy saving mode to keep your laptops running longer
Full support for all of the latest hardware technologies, such as the latest CPUs and graphics cards

To install, simply extract the included files into a temporary directory and then run gaccel.exe.
Follow the instructions provided in the installation program. Then run the Game Accelerator application
by double-clicking on the Game Accelerator program shortcut in the Windows start menu.

To keep up to date with the latest fixes, go frequently to to find out about
the latest Game Accelerator update.

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